Therapies we offer…

What are Holistic therapies?….

Holistic therapies are natural and suitable for all ages. They are gentle and effective in restoring and maintaining the body’s natural balance while encouraging the body’s own self healing without the side effects of medication. We use a variation of different healing treatments to encompass our clients as a whole, treating the mind, body, spirit and emotions in the search for optimal health.

What is Reiki?…

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy.

Your Reiki treatment will be a unique experience to you, you will feel different energies and warmth which will flow from your practitioners hands.

My clients have said this is a soothing energy.

If you are feeling tense, you will feel relaxed following your session. If you are low on energy, it is likely your reiki session will enhance your sleep and encourage rest. If you are feeling low in mood, reiki will most likely energise you and boost your mood.

Reiki will be received by your body where it is needed most, creating your very own experience from your treatment and time.

A reiki practitioner aims to change and balance the energy in and around your body by unblocking your chakras, which as a result will help you in a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

What is a Transformational Coach?…

Transformational coaching is about helping people better themselves.

As Children we dream of what the rest of our lives will look like, making plans for the future consisting of dreams unique to each and every one of us. We plan how our dreams will come true.

As we grow up, we might look back on our dreams and see that not everything is how we imagined it to be. The dreams may not have been put into a plan, and day to day life has gotten in the way. Mundane daily tasks have taken over what we thought we would do with our lives, and slowly our childhood dreams slip away like they were never meant to be.

Our attitudes and perceptions of ourselves play a big part in our life path following an unintended course. Looking at ourselves is the best way forward to transforming our lives to get us back on track with our dreams and plans for our lives and futures.

This style of coaching isn’t about changing yourself, its about changing the way you see yourself. This may be about changing self-image or perceptions. It could also be due to the limitations we put in place, due to how we view ourselves or the way we think others see us.